Alexandria 2016 – EN

Gruppe von ägyptischen Unternehmerinnen auf dem 8. Unternehmerinnentag in Alexandria 2016

Alexandria 8th Businesswomen Conference, Egypt

Alexandria November 2016Consultation for the partners in Alexandria for the 8th Businesswomen conference: “Partnership & Networking: Pillars of Development – Together we are Strong“. Presentation of the MENA networking project of Women Entrepreneur Associations during the conference. Public Relation Workshop for the Associations.
Client: BMZ, GPP

MENA Berlin 2016 – EN

Sechs Frauen unterzeichnen beim MENA-Projekt

Workshop to plan the MENA-Project 2016 – 2018 with six Women Entrepreneur Associations

Berlin march 14-18, 2016Facilitation of the planning workshop for the MENA-project to empower Women Business Associations through networking. The presidents of the associations from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunesia decided about multilateral and bilateral meetings to exchange experiences and transfer good practice. Client: BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, GPP- Global Project Partners.