Uganda 2016 – EN

2016: Treffen mit dem ugandischen Unternehmerinnenverband UWEAL

Meeting the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Uganda UWEAL

january 2016  Encounter with UWEAL, the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited. UWEAL was founded in 1987 and is active in 16 regions. Our report about the work of the German Businesswomen Association VdU was appreciated, there was special interest in the Mentoring Project and the activities bringing more women in leadership positions and on boards. There are lots of differences regarding the social and economic situation in Germany and Uganda – but our exchange made clear that we aren’t far away with our tasks and themes to empower women entrepreneurs.


Mena-Region 2015 – EN

MENA-Region: Planung eines Unternehmerinnen-Projekts zur Vernetzung in Ägypten, Algerien, Libanon und Tunesien, August 2015

MENA-Region: Preparing a Networking-Project for Women Entrepreneur Associations in Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon und Tunisia

August 3-13, 2015As a representative of the German Women Entrepreneur Association (VdU) Cornelia Sperling was part of a mission to the MENA-Region in order to prepare a Networking-Project 2016-2018. Discussing with the Women Entrepreneur Associations in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Algeria the concept for a long-term exchange of experiences in order to strengthen the associations and the businesswomen was developed, in cooperation with VdU. Client: BMZ- Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, sequa gGmbH, GPP- Global Project Partners